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Secret Plunge



What happens when an Olympic athlete and a young divorcée start their new year together?

One hot night, lots of laughter, and a little surprise.

One night. That’s all I wanted. To start the new year on a good note and forget about the chaos last year brought.

Enter Ryan, with his dark eyes, panty-melting smile, and a sinful body. He’s the perfect distraction.

When I’m left with more than just the spell-binding memories of our night together, I’m positively freaking out.

Things get even more complicated when I find out how our lives are already intertwined.

Will I be able to keep our connection a secret while we get to know each other, or will this whole mess blow up in my face?

Secret Plunge is a fun and sexy sports romance and the first book in The Kings Of The Water series. All books in this series can be read as standalones.


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