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The Mitchell Brothers Collection



The Mitchell Brothers are back in one box set filled with all the sweetness, swoons, and laughs, including all existing bonus chapters PLUS two brand-new ones.

One small town. Two brothers. Two fun and swoon-worthy feel-good romances. Two happily ever afters.

Book One - Baking With A Rockstar

Hudson and I couldn’t be more opposite. He’s a rockstar, and I’m a single mom.

He’s home for a break from the spotlight, or so he says. I’m here for a fresh start and to heal the pieces of my shattered past.

This small town is exactly what my little girl and I need.

Becoming roommates with Hudson was a total accident—I think—and now he’s trying to charm me with his sugar-sweet smile, just like he does with his adoring fans.

When he wants to help me with my bakery renovations, I can’t help but wonder if his interest is genuine, or if there’s more to it. The offer he makes me sounds a bit odd, but who could refuse those sweet buns?

Book Two - Tempted By My Roommate

Becoming roommates with Gabe was my first mistake. Letting him see me fall apart after the accident that ended my dance career was my second.

Now he’s determined to get me out of my funk with this trip he planned. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if I want to go or not.

But what happens if I get back to my old self and he can’t handle my true brand of craziness?

Or what if this heat might burn us alive?

And I’m not talking about the weather.

I guess I should enjoy the time, yet I can’t stop wondering if it’ll all go up in flames in the end, just like his cottage I burned down by accident. Oops.


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