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Tempted By My Roommate (Brooksville #2)

A fun, flirty, and heartfelt romance

When two roommates spend one enthralling summer together, the result is unexpected: skimpy bathing suits, sexy fantasy book inspirations, and hot tub make-out sessions.

Monica and I became roommates by accident. Well, if you can call her burning down my little cottage an accident.

But my once sassy friend has turned into a hollow shell of herself, and my life isn’t exactly going according to plan either.

To help both of us, I whisk her away to Lake Tahoe.

The last thing I expected from this trip is the burning attraction between us that’s threatening to set us on fire.

When both of our lives are back on track, will we be able to hold on to our special connection, or will our former lives be more tempting than our newfound love?

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